Manga Scanlation - Chapter Thirteen

Absolutely no Balthier/Fran goodness in this one, but I figure for completion's sake I'll post it here nonetheless.


I do have a question, though: How many of you actually download from here when I post it here? Because clearly this community's been less than active lately (Every post in the last year are just my scanlations) so I'm guessing the majority of you that care for it have likely migrated to my scanlation community? Like, I'll keep posting them here so long as people are downloading from here, but if you're not then it's not really worth the trouble, is it?

Anyways, if you'd be so kind as to let me know in the comments. <3

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Doujinshi - HighVision

Here we are, as promised! I must say, the initial exchange in this guy is probably the best thing I've ever translated.

That said, I will note that this doujinshi - even more than regular manga/doujinshi, which is saying something - it gets a bit confusing as to who's talking. I did my best, but my apologies if it gets a bit... blurry. That said, enjoy! It's wonderful and gorgeous.


After Fran saved Ffamran's life, she agreed to lend him her aid - but she would not become his partner. Too many memories for that. But Ffamran can be persistant...


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Manga Scanlation - Chapter Nine

Freely admitting I took my sweet-ass time with it, but hey, it's worth the wait. Balthier is especially badass this chapter. Not that I don't say that every chapter

Chapter IX

Also, did everyone anyone here check out Gideon Emery's new CD? He's not the finest singer in the world, but GIDEON EMERY DID A CD. You can imagine Balthier or Fenris is singing to you, depending on your mood!

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Manga Scanlation - Chapter Seven

Not much to say on this, besides an apology for how long it took - I had a busy summer - and that, though Balthier can be mildly annoying to translate at times, he always makes up for it with an awesome line or two or five.♥
Chapter VII
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Volume II (Ch. 04-07)

As before, individual chapters'll be left up a week/whenever I remember to take them down. Whichever comes first.

Once again, X-posted to someorother and finalfantasy12

See you in Volume 3!
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